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As your family's lactation consultants,  we  provide you with the most relevant and up to date information  that will help you to navigate  any settings.  If you have any questions, let our years of experience guide you  through any hospital, clinical or home setting with confidence.  By  utilizing our expertise, we will provide you with the best possible experience.   Always remember, we are just a phone call away.
We are an outstanding baby and lactation information  hub, designed specifically for you and your families needs.  We provide the highest level of professional maternity and baby services.  Our highly  sought after and professionally recognized  lactation consultants are especially committed to educating new parents on topics, such as, breastfeeding, newborn oral assessment and proper breastcare .
Expecting a baby soon? It's time to prepare for the joy  of parenthood and we are here to help.  We offer our expertise and knowledge with over 25 years of experience in post partum care.  With our help success is just around the corner.  Your questions deserve  comprehensive answers  from our panel of experts.
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A training program designed with the latest techniques in all facets of infant and maternal care.  Baby Comes First Consulting understands your needs, anxieties and worries. With our extensive experience and training in lactation and baby services, you can be confident that you are in good hands. We educate families and gave them the knowledge and training to enhance their to help make their experience of have their new editions enjoyable.. By allowing Baby Comes First Our Lactation Specialists will help you to understand your newborns needs and give you confidence which will result in less stress and more quality time.Just like you will, they have made it through with less stress and more quality time for the whole family.   We will help you achieve what you truly deserve- a happy and healthy family.   We pride ourselves on our expertise in all aspects of lactation and baby care that has earned  us a reputation as experts in the field.

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